Considering using ECHO2 Plus in your facility?

Take a look at the products included in the all-inclusive Premier Starter Pack:

ECHOPlus Oxygen Concentrator

Available exclusively in the Premier Starter Pack, the ECHOPlus Oxygen Concentrator is your constant source of pure oxygen for the ECHOPlus Oxygen Treatments. It requires no refills (unlike oxygen tanks) and comes with a 3 year/1200 hour warranty*.

ECHOPlus Treatment Products

The ECHOPlus Treatment is available for purchase in either pre-measured/assembled Treatment Packs, each pack good for one full ECHOPlus Treatment, or in a set of five 8.3 oz bottles. The Starter Pack comes with 50 Treatment Packs or a complete set of bottles, enough of the products to perform 50 treatments. You may choose to order whichever method suits the needs of your business.

Exfoliant I Mild

Exfoliant I Mild is an alternative to the Exfoliant I used in the ECHOPlus Treatment. Available in the 8.3 oz bottle only, this product is formulated to be mild for clients with sensitive skin. This product is not a standard part of the Starter Pack and can be added on for an additional cost.

Oxyceuticals Six Pack

The Starter Pack includes a set of six complete treatment packs of the Oxyceuticals Oxygen Acne Treatment System, which utilizes oxygen combined with acne-fighting ingredients to heal and nourish acne-afflicted skin.

Set of Five 1oz Vitamin Bottles

Included in the opening order: A set of our specially formulated Vitamin and Mineral serums provide enough product for approximately 75 treatments. The L.A.C.E.S. set contains the following 1 oz Bottles.: Liquid Minerals, Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Tetrahexydecyl Ascorbate (Vitamin C), D-Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E), and Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba Oil).

Gauze and Exfoliant Pads

Each ECHOPlus Starter Pack includes 2 boxes of 4" x 4" sterile gauze pads and 2 packages of 2" x 2" exfoliant pads to be used during the treatments.

Sub Micronic Delivery System

The Starter Pack includes two complete Sub-Micronic Delivery Systems (also known as Nebulizers). Each Nebulizer contains three parts: 1.) Flow Chamber, 2.) Large Particle Adaptor, and 3.) Micron Tip. The SMDS connects to the 7 foot long oxygen delivery tube which connects to the Black Plastic hose barb. The hose barb screws onto the oxygen outlet of the ECHO 2 Plus Oxygen Concentrator or the outlet of an Oxygen tank.

Consumer Brochures

For client information and marketing, we include consumer brochures. These brochures are written in an easy and convenient Q & A format, and are great for introducing new clients to the ECHOPlus Oxygen Treatment, as well as marketing new treatments such as the Oxyceuticals Oxygen Acne Treatment to your existing client base. 

Training Materials

The Starter Pack also includes a comprehensive, Step-by-Step Training DVD, informative Training Manual, and Final Examination. Following completion of the final examination, submit the results to ECHOPlus for each aesthetician to receive a Certificate of Training, identifying him/her as an authorized user of the ECHOPlus Oxygen Treatment System.

Full Color 18" x 24" Poster

Each Starter Pack includes an ECHOPlus poster suitable for framing and hanging in the treatment room or reception area.

Marketing Support

A Marketing Manual is also included with your Starter Pack, containing specific, proven promotional methods and ideas to ensure your successful marketing of the ECHOPlus Oxygen Treatment System. We advertise in print and online to keep brand awareness high and we participate on social media. ECHOPlus supports our customers with assistance with local public relations requests and can provide copy for placing our products on your service menu. Our Director of Education is trained to assist you with the information you need to make the Treatment one of the most profitable on your menu. 

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*Concentrator warranty valid only for systems sold in the United States of America. Details about the warranty offer can be obtained directly from ECHOPlus and/or within the provided concentrator operations manual.