The Award-Winning Oxygen Concentrator

The ECHO2 Plus Oxygen Concentrator is designed exclusively for use with the ECHO2 Plus Skin Care Treatment System and the Oxyceuticals Oxygen Acne Treatment System in the clinical or aesthetic environment.

The ECHO2 Plus Oxygen Concentrator features the following benefits:

  • Purity – Up to 95% pure oxygen at a constant pressure.
  • Small Size – Measures just 28.5” High x 15.7” Wide x 14.5” Deep.
  • Portable - weighs just under 55 pounds – easy to roll from room-to-room.
  • Quiet – Unique design with extra insulation insures smooth, quiet operation.
  • Functional and Easy to Use – Ergonomic design allows the user maximum comfort and ease of operation including easy-to-use controls and easy glide casters.
  • Dependable - Completely self-contained. Its internal air compressor, filtration system and all other components were designed for the most demanding clinical or aesthetic environment. The system comes with a three-year unconditional (parts and labor) extended warranty.
  • Safe - Built-in, panel mounted circuit breaker. Plug into standard outlet.

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Concentrator 360° View

Concentrator 360° View