The Oxyceuticals Oxygen Acne Treatment



Final Result

ECHOPlus is proud to present the only professional acne treatment system utilizing pure oxygen, along with proven acne-fighting ingredients to:

  • Deep clean, exfoliate, and unclog pores
  • Oxygenate to kill harmful P. Acnes bacteria
  • Calm, soothe, and cool skin inflamed by skin
  • Promote healing and re-balance the skin
  • Protect against dangerous photo-aging damage

The Oxyceuticals Oxygen Acne Treatment is available in a 6 or 12 pack combo for great cost savings. Perform a treatment for approximately $12 in supplies!

NOW AVAILABLE! For environmentally conscious aestheticians, purchasing Oxyceuticals in 4oz and 8.3oz Bottles reduces packaging and costs. Perform a treatment for approximately $8 in supplies!

Developed by ECHO2 Plus -
The Oxygen Experts

The Oxyceuticals Oxygen Acne Treatment System was developed by ECHOPlus - the recognized leader in professional oxygen treatments for skin. As the pioneer in this field for over twenty years, the researchers at ECHOPlus set out to develop a clinical acne treatment which would build upon the successful principles of the ECHOPlus Oxygen Skin Care Treatment System, yet specifically target acne vulgaris (common acne).

The Oxyceuticals Oxygen Acne Treatment System  is a breakthrough in professional topical acne treatments, being the first to employ pure oxygen along with natural, healing ingredients to help calm and soothe skin ravaged by Acne Vulgaris or common acne.

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